Migrating a legacy application to Mendix with its Database

Hello everyone. I want to migrate a legacy web application to Mendix. I've downloaded the connector and the replication modules, but the problem is that this app has more than 300 tables. Is there a way to import the tables automatically without creating manually the entities? Or should I connect to the external database instead? Thanks!
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Hi Lucas,

you can try database replication module


Usecase in database Replication module

  • Convert an existing database to a Mendix domain model
  • Synchronize your application with a database used by another application
  • Create mappings between database columns and object attributes
  • Map database references to Mendix object references
  • Map object attributes based on multiple joined tables

Hope it helps!!!


I found out that it is possible to migrate a database schema to XML and then import it into Mendix. But I could not generate an adequate XML file using SQL Server, since Mendix did not map it correctly.

If anyone knows how to do it, I will be very glad.