Edit Page Slowness Issue

Hi Team,   I have entity which has around 50 attributes and also have association with other entities. So, I have generated pages and able to fill the data. But now when I am trying to edit particular record with the help of edit button then edit page is opend but it get stucked or very slow when I scroll while editing . If we have many attributes on edit page does this cause this performance issue? has mendix provided any best practicey as/words to have max xx no of attributes on edit page?   Note: In my edit page, we have around 60 attributes like 50 entity attribute and remaining associated entities attributes with the help of reference set selector. Also, these are just attributes from data, there is not microflow call on data source.   Thanks , Samarth J
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Hi Samarth!


I have not seen this issue until now. It could be something else that is causing the issue.


Also, in terms of best practice, it will be best to split your attributes into multiple pages using a wizard. This will not only improve performance but also improve user experience.


Try changing the data source to a microflow. I have observed microflow to be best in terms of performance.


Thank You,