Backup Restore Issue: Critical

Hi Team, Greetings!   To setup a context, while building our application, we got ambiguous error of our module, so now we have two modules with us like MyFirstModule and MyFirstModule1, the latest changes were in MyFirstModule1 so we had to delete the MyFirstModule and rename our MyFirstModule1 to MyFirstModule, and when we ran our app locally our all local data was deleted, since app is on mendix cloud we tested the same on stage, we had our test master data and test data on stage and when we pushed the app to stage all data on stage was washed. We tried with the backup (Full snap shot as well as the database only), we are not able to get our data back. any solution for this. Thank you!   Regards, Harish A Hebballi
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Hello Harish,


If I understand correctly. You had 2 modules, but deleted one, however you expect the data to move over to the other module?


Unfortunately that's not how that works. If the modules are based on eachother you could've chosen to replace an existing module instead of creating a new module (and afterwards deleting the old one, which contained the data).


In order to restore your data, you have to deploy a version with Module 1 and 2 (an old revision) to your environment. Afterwards you can restore the backup to the environment and it should be back. If you head over to the backup section of your cloud portal, it will also state the exact revision and branch.