Works parallelly on Domain Model while it is connected to a common DB

Hello Everyone, When multiple developers are working on same feature, we are usually using built in DB in Mendix Studio Pro, and each developers will be having their own DB with them and can do any modifications in their domain model. But recently we are started connecting to a common SQL Server DB. Then we started getting the problem that, If a developer made a change in Domain model, till the code is synced the other developers are getting the below info. So how we can work parallally on Domain Model by connecting to a common DB?
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Hi Nidhin,


Each running Mendix app instance needs a database it has full control over and which exactly matches the domein model it is aware of. Sharing the same database with multiple running mendix apps will lead to mismatches between model and database you will not be able to recover from.


A possible option is to create the common data in the testenvironment en do regular publishes of the latest committed version to the testenvironment. Or exchange the data using data snapshots.


I hope this helps.