Inconsistency data when using database as source in local app and cloud app.

Hi,   My local app and cloud app shares the same database, which I assume.   Scenario 1: DataGrid that using database or xpath as source. Expected: Display same data in local app and cloud app. Reality: Display data in local app, however cloud app shows no data in DataGrid.   Scenario 2: DataGrid that using microflow as source, where Execute Query activity select from the same database. Expected: Display same data in local app and cloud app. Reality: Display same data in local app and cloud app.   Why is cloud app not displaying any data from sources of database and xpath? -- Current solution in mind, onstartup trigger microflow with flow:       Begin→ Retrieve List→ Check if List Exist then Delete→ Merge→ Create Object→ Execute Query→ Commit→ End   Do share your knowledge to my issue, as well as providing ideas. Thanks.
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Hi Teoh,


Thanks for asking your question on the forum. Your assumption is not correct; you local app does not share it's database with the cloud node. This would not be desirable as well, as the cloud and local app may differ in version.


What you could do, is use Postgres on your local machine. Potentially, you can create a backup of this database and upload it to your cloud node (if you are not on the free tier). The most common setup however involves two separate databases, in which you need to ‘maintain’ both your local database, as your cloud database. It's more common to download a backup from your cloud node, so you can use it locally as a starting point.


Hopefully, this helps