Copyright Non persistent entity into Persistent entity.

I have a non persistent entity named OTP_Temp and a persistent one named OTP_Per.   OTP_temp contains just one attribute name OTP(long) , the object of which i create while calling the page to take the input of the OTP from the user    Then I need to copy this OTP value to my persistent entity named OTP_Per which has two attributes : Autonumber (bcoz i need this while sorting) and OTP.   How to i do this?  
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Hello Abdur,

Call a microflow in the save button, now in the microflow use create object for OTP_Per. Now copy the value of OTP from OTP_temp to OTP_per.

Hope my answer helps. Reach me out for any queries.


In the microflow you should have the OTP_temp as the Input Parameter and then you should make a new action “Create Object” in which you can select OTP_Per.
in the action, you can choose the attribute to which you want to copy the content, then use $OTP_temp/attribute name of the NP entity.