Automate the process of Importing and Exporting data from Mendix App database to another Website or App which is not created in Mendix using API .

Hello, Mendix community, so I want to automate the process of sending and receiving data into another website or app for integration from the details that I am consuming through my own employee app cloud database created in Mendix by asking them to fill out different forms.  So my question is how I can automate and integrate both platforms and the process using API or Connectors in Mendix after an employee provides all their details in my Employee app by filling out the various forms.   For example - I want to send my Employee data from the Mendix cloud database to a 3rd party BGV (Background Verification) website for the further onboarding process, how can I do that in Mendix. I have gone through the REST services and API, ODATA and web services in Mendix docs but haven’t got much help. I am attaching the screenshot of the domain model of my Employee App from Mendix.  Can anyone please guide me on how I should proceed with this task, I am new to Mendix and Thanks in advance.
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Depending on the 3rd party service options the most standard way would be to call the rest service on the third party app and perfrom a POST to send the data. Other options would be to use webservices, if the 3rd party app has a SOAP service available. If these services are not available you might consider the database connector module to send the data to the 3rd party database directly.

Without knowing anything about the 3rd party app it is difficult to provide a definitive answer, but you seem to be on the right track.