Associations between Employee and Fund

I am working on a proof of concept that will have Employees of different types  - Account Managers, Reviewers, Investor Services. - The Fund can have any number of these associated with that fund.  - Just because someone is an Account Manager on a fund, doesn’t mean they won’t be a reviewer for a different fund.   I’ve modeled the data like this:      In the Fund_NewEdit I want to be able to assign employees to the fund, however, I can’t seem to find the correct widgets and actions to get this done. I’ve tried for example the reference selector, but that didn’t let me choose from the exisiting pool of employees.
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Hi Nehemiah,


this is a good example of  ReferenceSelector.

you should open the third tab to add the list object you need to see in the dropdown. You can choose the source you prefer based on your need.


let me know if you need more help :)