What databases does Mendix uses?

  1 “Mendix by default uses its own built-in HSSQL database, but Mendix also supports several alternative database types such as PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and others.”  link to document https://docs.mendix.com/quickstarts/part1/#5-creating-your-apps-domain-model   2 “ For apps deployed to the Mendix Cloud, Mendix uses a PostgreSQL database for storing the data defined in the app domain model(s).” link to document https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/data-storage/#2-supported-databases   For apps deployed to the Mendix Cloud Mendix, Mendix uses a PostgreSQL and for default Mendix uses its own built-in HSSQL database. Can anyone confirm this please. thanks.
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Yes; this is correct. If you download a backup from the Mendix Cloud you can verify that it's PostgreSQL. Trust the documentation, it's right 99,99% of the time :).