Migrating SAP BTP postgreSQL to HANA

Hi all, currently we're migrating our clients postgreSQL database to a HANA schema. In their SAP BTP CF environment. The Mendix applications are in different subaccounts. The structure is as follows: Our Clients holding Directory Directory (managed) SubAccount (multi environment) with Application 1 and postgreSQL database Directory Directory (managed) SubAccount (multi environment) Application 2 and HANA scheme   When migrating with the Mendix documentation within the same SubAccount it works like a charm. But when migrating to a different SubAccount (or different directory, don’t know what the cause is). We are getting a connection error. We want to start App2 with the env variables set to the postgresDB of app1.  But then the following error occurs: 2023-07-24T13:48:58.988Z [APP/PROC/WEB] OUT ERROR - ConnectionBus: Opening JDBC connection to Some({IPADDRESS}:5432) failed with SQLState: 08001 Error code: 0 Message: Connection to {IPaddress}:5432 refused. Check that the hostname and port are correct and that the postmaster is accepting TCP/IP connections. Retrying...(1/4) Is it possible in to allow such a connection (subaccount to subaccount in different directory) within the SAP BTP Cockpit? If so, were can I adjust these settings?   I already asked Mendix Support but they redirect me to SAP support (which is logical). So I contacted SAP Support and the SAP community, but they are not the quickest to respond :).  EDIT:   So it seems to be impossible to establish connections between the subaccounts.  Therefor the solution was to: Create a new application within the old subaccount and migrate the database to an hana database with the mendix documentation Then use the SAP HANA Database Explorer to download the schema of the new HANA database Connect using the information in the HANA service binding of the application.  Download the filedocuments by using winSCP described in this guide  Create an empty application in the new subaccount, start and stop it. Use the SAP HANA Database Explorer to connect to the new applications HANA database Connect using the information in the HANA service binding of the application. Import the HANA database schema (make sure to rename the schema to the correct DB user and overwrite any existing data). Upload the filedocuments by using winSCP and this guide  Start up the application in the new sub account.
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Hi Roy,


The error states that you have an authorization issue. I don’t know how to set it using the BTP CF Environment, but maybe you can change the App Settings → Configuration Name → Database → Username and Password. Use the same for your connection from the HANA side to connect to the PostgreSQL side.


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