Restore Backup from another environment

Hi, we have an application environment in published on Mendix 9.x. We converted it to Mendix 10. Now the new ‘sandbox’ environment contains no data. I found the environment backup capabilities, where I can export an environments database. Yet I was not able to upload a backup. I am aware that this might be risky but actually no models have been changed, only the 9.x->10.x  conversion was done.   Simple Question: how can I upload a backup in an environment and the restore that backup.   regadrds Stefan
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  1. Firstly you have to download the backup from your actual environment
  2. Now in the new sandbox, first deploy the latest code /deployment package of your application
  3. Go to the Backups page of the Developer Portal of your application

  4. Click Upload backup & upload the backup file

  5. Select the environment to which the backup should be restored
  6. Select the backup you want to restore and click Restore Backup.

  7. Confirm the backup restore by clicking Restore Backup.

Restore :



Hope it helps!



alas I don’t find the ‘Upload Backup’ option. Maybe because it is a free subscription?



Yeah Upload Backup capability is not available with the free edition of Mendix.