Association being emptied unexpectedly

Hi community,   We are facing a rather odd issue where an association is being emptied when we commit an object. The object and the association are created in an earlier step in the process within our application and is stored just fine. When we open the object, change one of its attributes and save our changes (with a commit Microflow), one of the associations is emptied.   Which makes it even weirder is when I connect my debugger to the application and make the application hit my breakpoint within the commit Microflow, after continuïng, the object is stored correctly with the association remaining as is.   The fact that the behaviour is fine when the application runs through the debugger makes me think that this might not be a problem with our logic, but rather be an issue occuring in the background (whatever that may be).   Note: It is a many-to-many relationship where both objects refer to each other. The object does have a Before Commit Event connected to it, however, this event does not empty the association. The commit Microflow does not have an action included which is emptying the association.
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