Database Connector: Execute Parameterized Query returns multiple tables

Dear Mendix experts, we are executing a parameterized query using the Database Connector which calls a stored procedure in an external SQL database. This stored procedure returns multiple tables with different columns. We know that if a stored procedure returns a single table the return type in the activity “Execute Parameterized Query” will be a list of a suitable entity and this works fine. But how to handle the scenario if the stored procedure returns multiple tables? As an example please have a look at Procedure: CREATE PROC GetEmployeeNamesAndTitles AS SELECT BusinessEntityID, FirstName + ' ' + LastName FROM Person.Person SELECT OrganizationLevel, BusinessEntityID, JobTitle FROM HumanResources.Employee GO and the procedure call EXEC GetEmployeeNamesAndTitles WITH RESULT SETS ( ( [ID Of Employee] INT NOT NULL, [Name Of Employee] VARCHAR(100) ), ( [Reporting Level] VARCHAR(3), [ID of Employee] INT NOT NULL, [Employee Job Title] NVARCHAR(50) NOT NULL ) );   which we found here: execute-statement.pdf ( This pretty much resembles our situation: the stored procedure call returns two different tables and we want to define a return type in a way that this return result is fully covered or find an option how to select only one table from the result.    Thanks for any hints under the assumption that a modification of the stored procedure itself is not an option.   Best regards, Ralf
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