Data loss while upgrading application from mendix 8.18.25 to 9.18.3

Hi experts, Am upgrading one of my application from version 8.18.25 to 9.18.3. During this upgrade I got some runtime error and compile time error and resolve those issues successfully.  But, When I tried to check the data in browser it’s not showing though I replaced the data folder from 8.18.25 to 9.18.3 (After replacing till syncing the app directory the folder has the data but once app runs successfully it’s empty). Is there any way to get data while replacing with the data folder from 8.18.25 to 9.18.3? Is it possible or it should not support the data from one version to other version. If yes, then what is the solution to overcome this since the application was live in Production.   Thanks in Advance!
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