Sorting Data in Mendix Database

Hello, I am working on an app where we need to be able to sort the data in the database and not just in the tables in the app. I thought I could do this with Indexes but it isn’t working. I have an index that is a decimal and I am sorting that in ascending order but it changes nothing, the data is still being sorted based on the order they were created. Thanks!
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There is no such thing as sorting your objects in the database. And you should not be troubled by it, leave that to the database-engine, and let Mendix take care of the sorting during runtime retrieval. 

Also an index is not there for sorting the objects in a table, but for faster retrieval.



Do you want the data stored in a certain order in the database table?  If so, I am not sure that is do-able.  The database server maintains the records according to its own internal algorithms.  


Why do want the data stored in a certain way in the database?  In other words, what are you trying to accomplish?  Maybe the community can provide some ideas about how to do what you want to do.