Tried to save data on my list view, but the loading bar is stuck.

Hey guys,   I tried to save an entry in my list view by clicking on a Button, and creating a new Object. It would then open a new window (Form Template), where I could enter some values in some textboxes, and then click on “Save”. I did exactly that and since then it has been loading forever. I stopped the project and restarted it. When I try to open the page with the listview, I cant even access it anymore. All that I now see it the loading bar, loading forever. I deactivated the Button “Add a new entry”, meaning it doesnt lead me to the new window with the Form Template anymore. Still the same problem. Anyone has any Idea how I can fix this and why it doesnt work? Thank you.
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So I created a Gridview, and that works without any problems. But a ListView gets my page stuck. I even found the saved entry in the gridview. Can anyone explain to me why this is?