OQL Left Joins of three entities

Hello all! Are these joins correct? I want to retrieve the attributes from Albaran, associated with the Ticket. And the Albaran is associated with the Facturable.
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Hi Helga,


Not quite. You first need to specify the attributes you want to retrieve in a select statement. 

Afterward you join the tables on certain attributes. Something like this:




FROM YourModule.Albaran AS Albaran
    LEFT JOIN Albaran/Ticket AS Ticket
    LEFT JOIN Albaran/Facturable AS Facturable


In this example:

  • YourModule should be replaced with the actual name of your Mendix module.
  • Albaran is the entity you want to retrieve attributes from, and attributes is the placeholder for the specific attributes you want to retrieve.
  • Ticket and Facturable are associations in the Albaran entity to the Ticket and Facturable entities, respectively.

Please replace the entity and association names with the actual names used in your Mendix domain model. Also, be sure to consult Mendix documentation or resources specific to the version you're using to ensure the accuracy of the OQL query syntax.


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