Doubt in microflow

am trying to create a online hotel booking app in that app am created a tabs container inside the tabs there is a button by clicking on button I have to redirect to booking page and I have to show details of that selected hotel please help me sir
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Hi Sappogu,

To archive that, you need to first need to create a Page for viewing the details of the Hotel, you could call this page “Hotel_View”:

Then in that page, you need to set an input parameter to receive the selected Hotel:

After that, you would need to display the Hotel details using a data container such as a Data View:

For this container, you need to set the following properties to display the Hotel entity:

After you click select this should be the result:

If you click OK, this message will appear, you could click Yes to fill the details automatically:

And this should be your resulting page:

All you need to do now is to open this page when selecting a Hotel from your original container:

I hope that helps you, if you need any more help please let us know or check the Rapid Developer Course for more introduction to data containers!