Mendix With Oracle Database

I have an mendix application connect to Oracle 19c and i exported the database and imported it on another server, after that i tried to connect from mendix studio pro to the new database but unfortunately the mendix  app trying to recreate the schema and tables, so how i can avoid this creation and let the application using the imported database without any recreation. 
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This is how Mendix works, the domain model is leading for the database. When using a existing database, you have to question the following;

Is the database used by other applications?

  1. Yes: use the database connector to consume data from the Oracle database in your Mendix app and consume it on the fly
  2. no: create the desired domain model, and connect using the database connector and sync the Mendix used database with your existing Oracle database and use the Mx database from that moment

Note: the Mx database can be an oracle database, bt will by managed by the Mendix domain model


When a Mendix server starts, it's using the database credentials provided and first checks the existing ‘data model’ (all tables) present in the specified database schema.

It checks some Mendix system tables to see what changes are required to align the data model with the current application model (added/renamed/removed entities/attributes/associations). If it doesn't recognize the model, it will completely build the data model from scratch.

Did you fully exported/imported the database? Did you change the schema name?