Dynamic Attribute Entity in Mendix

If I have a requirement where dynamic attributes are required for scenario. Ex.  Order → product → component   component 1 → property A1, Property A2 component 2 → property B1, Property B2   Should we go for EAV model?   ID | component id | property name | property value 1 | 1 | property A1 | value A1 2 | 1 | property A2| value A2 3 | 2 | property B1 | value B1 4 | 2 | property B2 | value B3   Or some Json Approach?   ID | component id | properties(string, unlimited) 1 | 1 | { “property A1” : “value A1”,  “property A2”: numA2} 2|2 | { “property B1” : “value B1”,  “property B2”: numB2}   Any thoughts on disadvantages of both approaches and which is best suitable in Mendix platform? edit : use case elaborated   1. In my use case, I have order which can have multiple components. Each component has 40+ attributes. 2. I have 100+ type of components. Every component have different set of attributes. 3. My application is not concern with the attributes stored as they needs to be passed to other system at a certain stage. But has to be stored temporarily. 4. It should be scalable to accommodate more products.
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Depending on your situation, this could be something that works.

Here you Component Type defines what properties a Component of that kind can have. Then for an individual component, the Value will define the value of the property.

Then this can be made fancier, with handling types, etc.