ListView With Database Retrieval

Hi Folks, I am using a listview in with database retrieval to access my country data. I have implemented an edit option, which allows me to modify an object by selecting it and redirecting to the Country_New_Edit form page. After changing the values of one of my country attributes like name or code, I did not click the save button on the edit page. Instead, I navigated away from the page. Upon returning to the country overview page, where the listview is located, I noticed that the changes had been reflected. I don’t know why this occurred, as I did not save the changes while editing the country data that had been retrieved from the database. but once the application has been refreshed by pressing the browser refresh button, unsaved value has been removed and it displayed exact db values.   My Country ListView with Edit Option.     My Country New_Edit Page     After I clicked on navigation changes are reflected into my listview     After refresh the application using browser refresh button   In Mendix, I used database retrieval in List view.   Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!    
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I believe the reason for this behaviour is that you are working in memory and your object is updated in memory. The database retrieve will only action if you refresh the page. Otherwise you are working with an object in memory.