How to automatically create schemas and tables in SQL Server?

Hi everybody. I'm building an interactive application that has multiple schemas (each schema is a domain that the user uses to log in) in SQL server. Including the master database, the child database schemas will follow the domain. For example: I have a table Regions (region_id, region_name) on the Master database. Domain1 will have table Domain1.Region( Region_id, Region_name), Domain2 will have table Domain2.Region( Region_id, Region_name) in SQL server. I have a problem with how every time a new domain is created, the application automatically copies the Regions table structure in the main database to the new Domain in the db. For example, if I create Domain3, the DB will automatically create the Domain3 schema and the Domain3.Region( Region_id, Region_name) table. Many thanks!
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The database is maintained by Mendix, as one of the big advantages, but this behaviour cannot be influenced or changed. Your wish is already for a long time on the list of many people, especially for developing SAAS applications. You can upvote this idea, but currently there is no solution, AFAIK, for this.