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so i have an already made and use mysql db but i need to rewrite the program to mendix,, and i only saw the way for me to use the db in my mendix by using “database connector”, i saw videos on how to use it but,, is there a way to use the database connector to integrate it with my entity domain model and make the data that already stored in my database shown with datagrid in mendix ?????
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Hi Teuku,


With Mendix you can only show data on pages from objects in the Mendix Domain model. These can be from persisted or non persisted objects.

So you will allways have to map your “non mendix” data to Mendix objects.

  • Having said that it means that you must make the Mendix domain model in a way you want to show it on page first. 
  • Then you can use the database connector module actions to query your data and make Mendix objects from it.
  • Alternatively you can use the Database Replication module instead. That module connects to your non mendix-db, lets you refresh your database structure and then you can (similar as in Excel Importer) map your non mendix tables and attributes to mendix entities/attributes.
    Problem is maybe that mysql doesnt seem to be supported, so you might have to reload it in Postgres or one of the supported formats.
  • With that last bullet in mind and depending on the sizes…
    • you could maybe also export to Excel and use the excel importer ( ) or
    • even go the path to create a mendix app from spreadsheet. ( 

Hope this helps.