Data Merging and Modeling

Currently, I have several Excel files with lots of data inside, and each Excel file will have one element related to another one. Is there a way to merge those datasets into a whole one and model it inside Mendix Pro?
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Hi Baiquan,


Definitely what you ask is possible. I would do the following model;


1- Create entities for each excel file and import excel files through these entities. Lets say import entities.


2- Create a final entity (whole )


3- After importing all the excel files, it is time to play work on this data by using ket attributes (the one element related to the other entity)


4- Finally, Copy all the attributes to the final the whole entity.


Shortly, Import Entity A, Entity B, Entity C

By using the key attibute from Entity A finds the related data from Entity B and same for B to C.


Create Object (Entity ABC- Whole dataset) by using linked objects from entity A, B and C.


I hope it works for you.