Self Service Reporting with SSRS integrates with Mendix Applications Database

Hi,   Has anyone come across this use case where SSRS (read-only) connects to the Mendix Application's Database? I would like to get some feedbacks and if anyone tried it and can share some pros, cons and lesson learnt.   Scenario A ShopFloor Application with PostgreSQL hosted in My own Private Cloud. Sample dashboard, e.g.; to track unit/action per hour, progress of an order, quality of an unit, etc.   Requirements for reports and dashboards that is more complex (view, drill-drown) to enable user to build its own report for different needs and perspectives when entities are complex and is hard to produce the required data the need to reflect the current state (shopfloor system) that means no data latency compare to PowerBI and Data Warehouse.   I have tried building it with Chars and AnyCharts with OQL as it gets harder when things get more complicated.
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