Unique Database ID

Hey, Does anyone know how the internal database ID is constructed in Mendix? Is this number unique per database/entity or does it go beyond that? How unique is this database ID across nodes / containers?   We have several Mendix Containers with the same app and the same entities. We use this ID as GUID in our entity for synchronization to other apps, but now we need to merge data of the same app (from different nodes) into a new APP. Is this always unique now and in the future, or should we use a real GUID?    
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The ID is not unique AFAIK. For example when restoring a database without cleaning first could leave you in a world of hurt because id's would already been used and unique violations would appear. This makes me rather sure that the ID's are not unique over multiple instances.

I'd go for the UUID option.


No it is not unique. It is a unique number constructed out of the entity type (first part) and an id (second part). So, it is unique per app, not over apps. See my more detailed answer on this questionfrom 6 years ago: https://forum.mendix.com/link/space/databases/questions/87488


Here I explain the real details on how Mendix created the GUID.