Synchronize/replication especially update&delete how ??

i have to do sync/replication to my local database from external db (postgres) because my data is so big the mendix takes so much time to load the app its a problem because the main reason to rewite the app to mendix is for more smooth and fast dashboard,,, i try to create a sunc microflow with db connector but i only can do create new data i cant find a way to do delete and update because external db data cant be compared, i need to sync the external db to local db to be exact same table, itry to use database replication but appearantly it can only create new data ?? and i have trouble to map the table sinche when i try to pick the object its empty already did create entities in my domain model,,,   is there any easier way to replicate my database ??
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You could load the data in aseparate domain model, then use microflow logic to compare the data in this model to the target domain model and decide if a create or update is needed and create the logic to delete everything that was not created or updated after that process has finished.