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Hello everyone, Currently, we are working on a project that utilizes Mendix on-premises on a private cloud. Our database of choice is Oracle EE, but we are experiencing significant performance issues. The main problem arises when importing large Excel files, typically containing around 30,000 lines, which are then processed into over 100,000 objects. To address this, I conducted some tests locally using Mendix Postgres, Oracle XE (running in a Docker container), and Mendix's built-in database. Surprisingly, Postgres and the built-in database outperformed Oracle XE in terms of speed. The issue does not seem to lie in the process itself, as we follow Mendix best practices such as committing outside of loops and using batching. However, we do have numerous scheduled events running at intervals of 1, 2, and 5 minutes, which do not involve any complex operations, especially when executed locally. I'm uncertain why Postgres and the built-in database perform better than Oracle XE, especially considering the significant time difference. Processing the data takes approximately 3-4 minutes with Postgres and the built-in database, while Oracle XE takes an astonishingly long time of around 45-50 minutes. This testing duration is similar to when I performed tests on Oracle EE. Does anyone have insights into what might be causing this slowdown with Oracle? Could it be related to Docker settings that potentially limit database connections or any other factors?
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Hey Slavko,


Is it possible that things are slowing down because of task queues? Is there an option to use multiple threads?