Difference between Many to Many association from (Entity 1 to Entity 2) and (Entity2 to Entity1) if navigability set as both entities can refer to each other

Hi, I need to put a filter for a many to many associated attribute in Datagrid2. i can able to display the data by placing an list view in a custom content column. But i am unable to set the dropdown filter from the reference(shown in screenshot) as the association is not showing. After checking i came to know that i have added the association from location to Student. But when i change the association from student to location, i can able to get the reference for dropdown. I have included the properties of association below.    So my question is will it make any difference if i change the association from (location to Student) to (Student to location) with navigability set as location and student object can refer to each other. Some one please help with this. Thanks in advance   Domain model:-  .   properties of association
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If you are using a many to many association with navigability set to one side, indeed the way you reference to objects is different. If you set navigability to both, you can use a reference set selector or input reference set selector to display and add (you need to set/generate a select page) records from the associated entity to work the same way from either side.

For more information you can take a look at these two documentation sections



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