set the default database type to mss sqlserver

sqlserver 2016 Everything worked fine when I used the Database Connector to connect But when I set it to the default database, it gave me an error, just like the screenshot, How do you set Encrypt and trustServerCertificate when setting it to be the default database Opening JDBC connection to xxxxxxx:1433/UTest failed with SQLState: 08S01 Error code: 0 Message: "The" Encrypt "property is set to" true "and the" trustServerCertificate "property is set to" false ". But the driver was unable to establish a secure connection with SQL Server using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption: Error :PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target. ClientConnectionId:fe2a9d75-c833-43bc-a199-876755aa295e", retrying..
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Can you try to add this custom configuration?



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