Switching from the built-in database to our own Postgesql database

Hello, we are switching from the built-in Mendix database to our own Postgresql database. I can get connected to our database locally but cannot figure out how to connect the new database in the cloud environments. Can someone point me in the right direction? 
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Hi Andie,


Is the own PostgreSQL accessible for the application running in the Mendix Cloud? If your own PostgreSQL is running on your laptop or in the data centre, the access from the Mendix should be configured (DNS, firewall rules etc.). If your own PostgreSQL server is an RDS in AWS, you can copy the connection string to the settings (the one you edited to have Mendix find your local database).


If this hint didn't do the job for you, please add more details. 

- Where is the own development PostgreSQL database running?

- Where is the own test/QA PostgreSQL database running?

- Where is the own productionPostgreSQL database running?

- Do all developers share the same development database?

- Any requirements why not to use RDS in AWS?


If you don't want to share this on the forum (for security reasons) send me an email (marco.spoel@t-systems.com)


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