Add record manually in Mendix table with generating ID column value

 I want to insert records in the Mendix table (in SQl database) from the .net application. I am not sure how to generate the ID column value manually. It looks like a sequence number but when I insert it as a sequence in the database table, the record is not reflected in the Mendix app. Please guide me on how to insert data manually in a Mendix table?
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Don't insert data directly into the database. The Mendix application manages associations and ids. You can really mess up your data if you get this wrong.


As Quang says, a good way to allow an external service to push data into a Mendix application is to create a REST service and have your .NET application send data using that.


The Mendix documentation gives an example on how to create a REST service if you've not done this before.


Good luck!


in mendix make a rest publish service to add data, then in your dot net app just consume this service.


hope this help you.