Cannot import ID named attribute from an External Database into a Mendix Object

Hi. I'm currently building an interface between a Mendix Application and a DataLake service, using the SAP OData Connector. One thing that i noticed is that, when using the "Get List" action in Mendix, I need to have the Response Type Object with the attributes named equal to the ones in the DataLake Service. Problem: In the DataLake side they have an object with an "ID" attribute. When trying to name an attribute of my Mendix Object as "ID", Mendix throws this error: So I cannot have this attribute named "ID" because it is a reserved word, and, because of that, it won't import the values into my object. Is there any way to override this?
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Did you test it without the 'ID' attribute? Every entity in Mendix automatically has an ID attribute, although it is not visible in the Domain Model.