How can we write queries and how can we use built in database in mendix like SQL, Oracle DB.

how to connect db and how can we write queries and how to use different servers we are not getting the proper path to use database connectors in mendix  
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Here are some steps to follow:

  • (Assuming you have SQL Server installed and running locally
  • Create an empty database in SQL Server Management Studio
  • In the modeler, in the Project Explorer expand the "Project" tree
  • Double-click settings
  • In the Configurations tab, click the New button
  • In the Database tab:
    • Select Microsoft SQL Server under the Type dropdown
    • Enter the database name, URL (localhost:1433 usually for SQL Server)
    • Enter username and password or choose integrated security
    • Click OK
  • Make your new configuration active by clicking the 'Make Active' button
  • Start your app. Mendix will automatically create the data structures necessary to match your project's domain model.

You can read this and

This part of the how-to article on using Postgres locally may also be helpful as well


in Mendix side:

Go to settings then configuration and create a new configuration don't forget to select the database Type you use