Oracle database connect to mendix

Hey Team, We need to link the Oracle database to the Mendix database for an existing project. The current project is finished and connected to the Mendix database , but now the client wants an on-prem database and recommends Oracle database as the on-prem database.   Can you help us connect the Oracle database with the existing project? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
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Hey Atul, to connect your Mendix app to oracle DB locally, it's should be something like this (if you are using Oracle free and if you using some other version like Oracle 19 maybe you will need to add custom variable in tab Custom i think it's was something like OracleServiceName then your name of DB) and I about advantage i don't have any of them, but for disadvantage since Mendix is optimize to use AWS RDS postgreSQL you will lose some of performance of application