How to connect to a DB (SQL Server) built on-premises

Hi,   I have a question about connecting Mendix to SQL Server. Can I connect to a SQL Server built “on-premises” from Mendix cloud? Please let me know if there is a way. thank you.
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Hi Ei Nagara,


You can connect into an existing SQL Server database by doing Queries or executing Stored Procedures with the following connector (this option would be if you have existing data in your database):

Database Connector


However, if what you want is to change the built-in database and use a new empty SQL Server database instead (all of your domain model would be syncronized in SQL Server with every change), you could check the following information (this option is in case you want to store everything from Mendix into your SQL Server, new data):

  1. Prepare new SQL Server database.
  2. Set configuration to automatically use the empty database.


I hope this information is helpful to you, best regards!