Why 1-1 Association is Always owner=both?

I know that 1-1 must always be owner=both in Mendix. But my question is why? Is there some architectural or design reason for this?
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Hello Lukáš Tomek,


Not an expert but let me share what I know, consider this with an example. house and houseowner 1-1 associated with owner=both.


1) Here in this case bidirectional navigation is posible, that is house knows who is the houseowner and the houseowner knows the house. Here any impact in one entity directly affect other. If owner sells the house both the status of houseowner and house be updated.


2)Deleting house or houseowner does not delete the other, both stand individual.


In case of owner=default, it is not bidirectional and deleting one object will delete the associated object.


Since it is the case of 1-1, considering the bidirectional performance and the working need, we have owner=both in 1-1.


Hope my answer helps. Reach me out for any queries.