How to show attributes of all associated entities (directly and indirectly) in data grid

When I use microflow source in data grid, error message shows data grid column can only show attributes of grid entity itself and attributes of directly associated entities. How can I show attributes of all associated entities (directly and indirectly) if I still use data grid? If it's impossible, what will be the suggested way?
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Hello Cheng,


It really depends on how your data is modelled in your domain model, but things that you can try out are the following:

1. Instead of using a microflow you can try to use an Xpath 

2. You can use the datagrid2 this datagrid offers way more flexibility where you can also use other datawidgets within your datagrid columns

3. A list view has kind of the similar benefits but is way less structured but maybe also an option

4. Less nice but an option if it is really a must you can create a new entity with all the fields you need and fill the object with your respective value by using custom logic.


Hope this helps


Good luck