Database Backup Clarification

Hello Guys, Greetings!   Can anyone explain the following SS, it would be a great help. Thanks, Harish A Hebballi.
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Since we're on the 6th of february 2024, that means that the following backups are kept:


  • Nightly backups: 29 jan - 5 february (the past 2 weeks starting from yesterday)
  • Sunday backups (weekly backups): Every sunday for the last 3 months, so that is a weekly backup. So that would be every sunday between the 6th of november 2023 and yesterday
  • Monthly backups: every 1st sunday of the month starting on february 7th 2023, so that would give you around 12 back-ups.

In practice this means that the backups of recent times are more frequent, whereas for older backups, fewer of them are kept. This makes sense because it's rare to restore databases from far in the past, since you would lose any changes made in between.