Set default values in an attribute

Hello team! I'm relatively new to Mendix and struggling the following issue:   I have a survey for users to fill in and the requirement is to show default values as previous answers selecting from db in Snowflake. So is there a way to show default value for enumeration (in radio buttons for example) using the microflow? Meaning it shows the previous value from the database on default, but user can change it   Maybe some of you have faced similar issues working with surveys, so I'd be grateful for your help. Thank you in advance, if you need more details I can provide them :)
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Hi Alena


There are generally two ways to set default values for your enumerations before you show the page:

  1. You can already determine a default value in your domain model if you wish to do so under the Value > default value property in the attribute detail screen:Screenshot 2024-02-07 170425.png
  2. I suppose you create an object before showing your survey page. If you do so, you can choose the attribute values in your create object action so it matches a default value you have in mind. It should look something like this:



I hope this helps! Good luck!