Calling an API

  Hello, I am trying to call an REST API Service GET from a Random Data users, its a raw JSON Data, I have done everything that is required, but when I try to import the users, above error is showing up. I don not know what mistake there is. Are there any Internal API's provided by the Mendix itself to use?
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The internal server error sounds like it is being returned from the external REST service.


To see what the error is, turn the log level up to TRACE for REST Consume. This will print the request and response to the logs, so you can see what is being sent and received by your application. 


Good luck!


Hi Spoorthi,

Did you place any error handling on the REST call? If not, I'd advice to do that first, you will be able to also then write custom log message so it becomes easier to read what is happening when there is an error. 

In this learning path you can learn about how to do it properly for an REST API.

It will also be easier to debug your failing microflow as you will be able to read the latest error message in the variables tab.


Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

KR, Jurre