Database Performance in Cloud Environment

I trigger the 'ACT_GetRefreshCustomers' microflow by clicking a button, which retrieves approximately 35546 records from an external API and stores them in the database.   When I go back to the page the data is displayed in a dropdown. However, The performance when loading the page is significantly slow. The selected element in the dropdown takes around 4 seconds to load in. The Dropdown menus take between 4 to 8 seconds to open Click the dropdown sometimes results in browser errors stating that the page is unresponsive, prompting users to either wait or exit the application. In severe cases, the web app has even gone offline. Observations: Poor performance is only observed in the cloud environment; the issue does not occur when running the application locally. The 'ACT_GetRefreshCustomers' microflow, responsible for retrieving and storing data from the API, appears to function correctly without any noticeable delays. Using Mendix 9.24.1
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In the properties of the reference selector you can change the setting from drop down to page. Too many reference selectors with too much data will really effect the performance of your application. Using the page property instead of the dropdown will improve your page load. In the page you can also use a search, which is nice when you work with so many data.