Seeking Guidance: Creating Row-Based Navigation Bar for Excel Data in Mendix App

  I'm a beginner looking to create a navigation bar in my Mendix app. The goal is to showcase headings from a large Excel sheet where the data is organized by rows. I want the navigation bar to reflect this row-based structure. Moreover, when a user clicks on a specific row in the navigation bar, I aim to open more options related to that particular row from the Excel sheet. If this is achievable, could someone please provide the steps I need to follow?
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Displaying data in Mendix can be done in may different ways depending on your use case. 

In this case what I understand you want to show rows with data and by clicking on it you want to show more details?


Instead of using the navigation bar for this, the approach in Mendix would be to create a page with a datagrid(or datagrid 2) on it. This will let you select attributes that you want to show(columns). On the right of the datagrid or bellow you could show a dataview that listens to your datagrid. That way, by clicking on a row in the grid, you will be able to show more details of that specific row.


Hope this gives you a bit of an idea on how to proceed.!