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Hello everyone, i am still desperate.... if i run the app locally, and i enter characters like üöä in a form, the data is also displayed correctly in the view. if i load the app into the cloud and create a new data set there, the characters are displayed in the browser as ???, the rest-api also shows this: <company_name>��������</company_name>   despite a long search in the forum, i don't know what to do. does anyone have a solution for this? Thanks and greetings   Michael  
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Hi Michael,


we had the same issue with an application running in a licensed environment. We decided to parse the incoming value(s). 

We created a java action that parses them into readable text. You can either choose to find the characters by a definition or search the exact value.


Either by definition:

	    String toReturn = StringValue.replace("\u00fc", "ue")
	            .replace("\u00f6", "oe")
	            .replace("\u00e4", "ae")
	            .replace("\u00df", "ss")
	            .replaceAll("\u00dc(?=[a-z\u00e4\u00f6\u00fc\u00df ])", "Ue")
	            .replaceAll("\u00d6(?=[a-z\u00e4\u00f6\u00fc\u00df ])", "Oe")
	            .replaceAll("\u00c4(?=[a-z\u00e4\u00f6\u00fc\u00df ])", "Ae")
	            .replace("\u00dc", "UE")
	            .replace("\u00d6", "OE")
	            .replace("\u00c4", "AE");
		return toReturn;


Or directly:

         String output = StringValue.replace("ü", "ue")
                       .replace("ö", "oe")
                       .replace("ä", "ae")
                       .replace("ß", "ss");
      // first replace all capital Umlauts in a non-capitalized context (e.g. Übung)
      output = output.replaceAll("Ü(?=[a-zäöüß ])", "Ue")
                     .replaceAll("Ö(?=[a-zäöüß ])", "Oe")
                     .replaceAll("Ä(?=[a-zäöüß ])", "Ae");
      // now replace all the other capital Umlauts
      output = output.replace("Ü", "UE")
                     .replace("Ö", "OE")
                     .replace("Ä", "AE");
    return output;



i have a anwer from supportteam:

This is a known issue when deploying apps to Sandbox (free app) where non-English characters are being displayed as question marks (??). The behavior appears to only occur when the app is deployed to the sandbox. It works as expected when running locally and in a License Node.


Feedback from Support, its fixed now! :)