Mendix Database Number of Records Limitations

Hi everyone,   Has anyone tried or reach any limits on data records with Mendix database? I'm currently thinking if Mendix is also possible or can be used to create an app or middle ware to gather data from various database and put it in a single source of data. However, I'm kind of concerned if there are any limits on the number of records in Mendix.   Thanks in advance.   Best regards,   Jonathan
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Hi Jonathan,


As Mendix uses Postrgres by default, the docs there give you 4,294,967,295 rows. (source)

However this post gives you an overview of when it would start to slow down performance.

We have currently a table in one of our apps that has over 80M records stored, an unfiltered page with a datagrid takes about 10 seconds to load. 

Amount of records shown

Good luck with making a decision I hope this information is valuable!

KR, Jurre