Difference between using and and using separate xpaths for retrieving data

Hi, I want to retrieve data using xpath. The below is the entity and the two xpath conditions. Could someone please help me on the difference between the two and which one is best for performance/fast retrieval time if data is more(in the screenshot it shows as retrieving 1st object. But i want to retrieve all objects)?. Thanks in advance
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There is a difference between the xpath with and and the xpath with 2 separate [ blocks ].


1. The first XPath queries for $Student objects where both the Name equals 'Lokesh' and Age equals 22 simultaneously. It performs a single query operation filtering on both conditions.


2. The second XPath applies two separate filters sequentially: first, it filters $Student objects where the Name equals 'Lokesh', then on that result set, it filters objects where Age equals 22. While logically these may return the same result set as the first XPath in most scenarios, the performance can differ based on the underlying optimization of the Mendix platform.

In general, the first approach might be more efficient because it combines conditions in a single query, potentially minimizing the dataset to be evaluated in one step. However, the actual performance difference would depend on the Mendix model's implementation and the database optimization for handling such queries.