Is it better to use the original Mendix database?

Hello. I have created an application in VB.NET that communicates with two databases in MSSQL. I have been tasked with migrating the entire application to Mendix. I read, write, filter, and delete data in the databases. My questions: 1.) Is it possible for Mendix to work with MSSQL for writes, deletes, etc.? Are there any other settings, such as in microflows? 2.) Is it possible to migrate all tables from the DB to the Mendix database? 3) Is it better to use the original Mendix database? Is it faster? More secure?
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Hi Thomas,


you can use MSSQL in combination with Mendix. But you'll have to parse the data into a Mendix readable scheme.


You can use the database connector to retrieve data from the MSSQL database(s) and import it into the database you're using with mendix. 


For reference:

Marketplace - database connector

Documentation - Database connector

Documentation - Mendix with MSSQL


I assume your goal is to move the whole application including screens/reports etc, right?


Let's say, you want to move as-is

-> First design your domain design - either use the same schema or refactor

-> Second - build your modules using Mendix pages / widgets

Use this widget to migrate your data but it may need some tweakings:


Another way is to refactor:

-> Your domain design will be different

-> Applcation refactoring will also be different with different screens/flows 

Migration will need more efforts, you may have to build your own mapping.