Hello, I want to create a 3 level data

Hello, I want to create a 3 level data. For example Country->State->City , I have these 3 entities. I create Country as standalone entity. I want to create State by selecting country from Dropdown and then create City by selecting Country and State. I want to have Country and State as 2 drop downs when I am creating City. Please help. 
2 answers
  1. Associate State to Country (one-to-many).
  2. Associate City to State (one-to-many).
  3. Right click an entity and click: generate overview pages.
  4. Give access to the right user(s) in the properties pane on the page itself ('visible for').
  5. Add the Overview pages to the navigation menu.
  6. Login as the user with access to the pages
  7. Create your data by clicking the 'New' button.

Basically what Richard said.


But if you want a dependent dropdown. I imagine you want the following:

1. You select a country

2. You select a state (only states within that country)


In order to achieve 2. You need to set 'Selectable objects' --> Select XPath... then configure 'Constrained by'