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Hello, I am trying the functionality of calling an REST API, I first tried to import the users from Public API to check if the process was right and it worked perfectly and I could import the users into my application. Later on I am trying to call an Custom API which has Microsoft SQL Database, I have connected to that Microsoft SQL through the External Database Connector and the connection was successful. But when I try to import the users on the UI, above Errors are popping up. There is no proper documentation for these errors and nothing particular has been mentioned of what the error is about. I am building this application in my company, so is there are any organization internal error that is causing this like the network blockage or license problem? or did I do any wrong in the process of it? Any help would be deeply appreciated as I am stuck with this error since weeks.
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Hi Spoorthi,

Are you facing this error in local environment or cloud environment? 


Hello Spoorthi,


Looking at the PrivilegedActionException thrown in the logs, the error could be due to multiple reasons -

1. Your endpoint url is incorrect

2. If your endpoint is behind a firewall, you need to set up a proxy connection (

3. The endpoint has expired certificates/incorrect authentication credentials provided.





It looks like the service you are calling doesn't have a valid SSL certificate.


On the external site, check if the certificate hasn't expired and if it has valid intermediate certificates. You can also use a certificate checker to look for other issues.


Good luck