Error Synchrozing domain model with Postgres 15 database

Hi all,   I have an application 10.6.2 with the satabase source set to internal database. Now I switched it to External database, which is a Postgress 15. When deploying I, the checks ar ok, but at the moment Mendix tries to synchronize the Postgress database with my domain model configuration, the following error occurrs:     anyone an idea what is happening?    Thanks in advance, Jan
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Hi Jan,


When your application has been upgraded with several versions, your database structure changes as well. When you upgrade several tines with the Built-in database being update and the external database not, you will face synchronization issues when you decide to change your database 3 Mendix updates later.

The best way is to delete your current external database that causes the error and create a new empty external database. Use this as your new database and Mendix will synchronize all the domain model configurations to your new external database.


Hi Jan,


When I get a M2EE error it is usually a different service or program already using the 8080 port. Disable the service or program using it, or you can change the port in App > Settings and edit the configuration.


In App explorer go to the app > settings then edit or create new configuration and on the server tab edit the runtime and admin port to 8081 and 8091.


How to find and kill a process running on a port